Saturday, April 16, 2011

Please return my moly!!

I am getting a little frustrated.. I have messaged this moly group organizer and the person that is supposed to have my moly (the only person to see it) and no one is responding to me.  I would like to have my moly back and send the moly back to it's owner that I have.  I am really disappointed as this is my first exchange of moly's.  I am begging you -please contact me or send me my moly back!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Sorry I hadn't responded yet! I too was thinking about quitting, considering I never even received a moly. I was having trouble about how to say it too you girls.
    I'm just sad that I can't seem to keep people motivated, myself included.

    Courtney, I'll send Helen a message (she had asked me if she should send her book to me, since we can't reach Kimberley) So maybe she'll see my reply. And you can send my book back to me, I'll flickrmail you the details.

    Love, Eefje