Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hi everybody!

So here were are, on our very own blog!

A small introductory text: My name is Eefje and I live in the Netherlands, I'm 23 (24 in two weeks) and I work as an editorial graphic designer at the Dutch branch of the free newspaper Metro.

I've gotten my Japanese Fold Sketchbook a few weeks ago, and I've already decided on a theme for it:
moly_x_74 my theme

You're prettier when you laugh, so draw something funny!

I'm curious to see how much we can work our sense of humour into this book. :)
I hope you like my theme!

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  1. i really like your theme! im so excited for this to start. I'm desperately waiting for my moleskin to arrive so I can start. Just curious though, does everyone have to have a certain theme to their book?

  2. Only if you want to. There's nothing wrong with a 'themeless' book, just be inspired by what you want. :)

  3. how do i add to this blog?
    or do i??