Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I bought the books!

I bought the japanese fold moleskin sketchbook from amazon.com. I should get it in a couple of days. I'm still a little confused though, how does everyone get the first address?


  1. You will write to amanduhh! for her real name and address. She is the person after you on the list to the right.

    Happy mollies!

  2. And I'll Flickrmail Nailya for hers.

    Maybe its a good idea to have one person who has all the adresses? Just in case. I'll be happy to do it if you guys agree.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Thanks Nailya!

    I logged out to check whether your comment was visible to other people, but I can only see it when logged in. :) Still, it might be a good idea to keep personal info like addresses confined to (flickr)emails.

    I noticed that the first comment I made (to marty's post) is visible, but the one I made on this topic isn't when logged out. Don't know yet what makes the difference...

  5. Hmm, now when I'm not logged in I can still see everything, so Nailya, I'm going to delete your comment now because I don't think you'd want the entire internet to be able to see it.

  6. ))) it's a pleasure to have deal with you Eefie.

    should i flickrmail you my adress once more just in case?

  7. Okay I have my book...what do I do now?

  8. Hi everyone!!! So excited....I haven't gotten my moleskin yet. Is it the 5X3 size?

  9. Yasmine: It's about that size. The Japanese Fold Moleskine only comes in one size, so that should keep the confusion down. :)

    Brooke: You can send your address via Flickrmail to the person before you in the rotation (in the bar on the right all our names are) and see if you've gotten the address of the person who's next. You can also send it to me if you want, I'll keep an address roster.

    You can start thinking about a theme if you want one for your book, work on a sign in sheet and the like. :)

  10. oohh!
    okay, sooo i pick a themee and make a sign in sheet?
    oakyy, then do i need to get someones address and give mine outt??
    still a little confusedd. :/.