Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hello :)

Continuing with introductions...

My name is Helen, and I'm currently going to school in New York City, although I'm originally from Dallas,TX. I'm 18 years old (probably the baby of the group!), and in my second year of school at Columbia University. My (intended) majors are Civil Engineering and Architecture, although in the past year I think I've decided to move in a more creative direction. I was extremely interested in art all through middle and high school, but let it fall to the side when my college applications were coming up, and haven't really produced much since. However, I never stopped doodling in the margins of my notes ^__^ I'm really excited to get back into art, and hope I'm not too rusty!

Outside of school and art, I do competitive ballroom dancing. I'm also involved in Hoot Magazine, Columbia's student-run fashion publication.

P.S. You guys also might need to bare with me in terms of getting the hang of flickr/blogger/etc. I'm sosososo bad with technology! Seriously, you should see my grades in computer science right now....

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  1. Welcome to you too Helen!

    Don't worry about computerstuf, you can always ask for help, or google it. :)