Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Themepage & sign in

Hello everyone!

I've done a themepage and sign in in my new moly book:

Sign In

Theme: Villans!
Now I'm going to do an entry in it.

How are things standing with your books? Still waiting for it to get delivered? I hope you get to start soon.

So far I haven't gotten a flickrmail from the other people who wanted to join yet, so I haven't been able to invite them to our blog yet. Until they do it's just the four of us here. I've listed us to the right here, do you think that's a good sending order?



  1. Beautiful sign-in page and cool theme! I'm still waiting on my moly to arrive, but I've been brainstorming for my theme. I kind of want to do Alice in Wonderland (one of my personal favorite childrens books), but I feel like now Alice is so trendy and 'done'. Another idea I was playing around with was Underwater Creatures (real and imaginary). What do you guys think?

    As far as sending order, that sounds fine to me. Should we all post addresses?

  2. Let's send our adresses to each other via Flickrmail (or email).

    I would love an alice theme or an underwater creatures theme, just pick whatever you want regardless of what has been done before. :)

  3. I too am waiting on my moly to come from Amazon.com.. I am so excited!! I have never done anything like this before!!

  4. oh and the send order is fine with me too.