Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Check in

Hi ladies!

Where are you in the cycle of moly exchange? Let's check in with each other here!
Unfortunately Kimberley's book hasn't arrived with me, while she send it ages ago. I flickrmailed her to give me some details on where from and when exactly she send it so I can try and find out at the post office where it could be...(I hope), but she hasn't answered me yet.

Helen have you send your book to Kimberley? I believe Courtney is ready to send my book on to you. (Take a pic of your entry and post it here before you do!)
It's been a while (time goes so fast) and we haven't even gotten the full round up yet. We should really strive to find a rhythm so we don't let this exchange fall by the wayside.

Please all check in here and let's think on how to improve our exchange, we're in it together!



  1. Helen just flickrmailed me:


    Just letting you know I'm still alive. I finished my first entry, and I'm stuck on ideas for the sign-in page, but I'm ready to send it to Kimberley (just need her address). Also, I'm having a little technical difficulty posting/commenting on the blog...


  2. im confused - is she done with the first entry in her own moly or mine?