Monday, November 29, 2010

First Entry!

I've finally done my first entry in the Villans Moleskine. I'm so sorry it took so long! I hope we can regain some momentum.
Here it is: x-men villans in a ususal suspects line-up. :)

First entry - Usual Suspects

First entry - Usual Suspects

Courtney, if you flickrmail me your address I'll send it to you a.s.a.p.!

What's the status with your books? Helen, did you receive Courtney's book? And how are things with your book? I'm sorry to say I haven't seen Kimberly's book yet, I hope the post is just slow and it'll arrive at some point.


  1. Hi all!

    Wow, it looks great!

    I received Courtney's book, but unfortunately I'm still working on mine >.< Sorry to be such a slowpoke!!! I'll try to catch up I promise!


  2. I just got your book today Eefie and look foward to working in it!

  3. where are we going with this??when are we to send again?? I haven't heard from Helen so should I be sending to her??

  4. Hi Courtney!

    I've just put up a new blog post, let's hope everyone responds to it and we can go on with this awesome project. :)