Friday, October 1, 2010

Introducing ... ME!! ;-) Courtney

I am so excited to be a part of this moly group!! I have never done one before, but I have seen some really awesome stuff on flickr!  I cannot wait to see what everyone does and I must admit I am a bit nervous about my skills being up to par!! Already the first sign in page has a great person drawing.. that isn't my strong point, but I am certain I will come up with something within my drawing abilities :-)

A little about me - I'm Courtney Prudhomme - known in crafty circles as "cklnh", "Cajun Hillbilly", "Chickadeebijoux", "Louisiana Momma" lol.. I'm 36 yrs old.. I am a stay-at-home and homeschooling mom.. I have 1 husband, 4 kids (3 that live with us), 2 dogs, 1 bird, and 2 pygmy goats that I love :-)  Art truly is my passion.  I have done all sorts of arts and crafts over the years.. but my top favorites are hand embroidery, sewing, and NOW drawing :-)  In the drawing realm I mostly do zendoodles or zentangles.  I am trying to refine my drawing and shading skills :-)  Here are a few of my pieces that I am especially proud of:

This piece was done on an 8"x11" drawing paper with micron pen and pencil.

This piece is a 6" diameter circle.. It's called "My Grandmother's Garden"

This one is on a 9"x12" Sketch pad and is called "Inside of Me":

I am waiting on my moleskine to arrive and the moment it gets here I will be Doing my sign in page and posting it here.  I look forward to getting to know all of you and am so excited to see your talented work in my book :-)

Much love and God bless!!


  1. Pygmy goats! That's an animalname that sounds awesome, are they just like regular goats only tiny?

    I think we all feel nervous if our art is 'good enough' for someone else's book. I know I am. But I think that will help our own work tremendously! Working together is inspiring and how we learn, so don't worry. I love your patterns.

  2. yep - mini goats.. and loveable ones.. I have a wether and a breeding female that I would love to kid someday.. they are big cry babies - especially at meal time..

    Thanks for your encouragement :-)