Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kimberley's Moly - Almost Ready to Go!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're having a lovely weekend! Its raining here in the UK, but I love weekends when I have a good excuse to curl up with a good book (currently I Remember You by Harriet Evans) or hide in my studio for the afternoon! My boyfriend and I had a wonderful morning with our niece when we visited the animals at the petting zoo too!

I've now finished my Moly with the circus theme, and its almost ready to head to the Netherlands to meet Eefje! I really hope you like it. It was done with Promarker pens (disappointed with the blend results - can see every pen stroke, nevermind) and acrylics. I had so much fun drawing and painting it!

Sorry for the pants photos - not such good quality from my Blackberry!

Eefje, I'll wrap this up and post it onto you after the weekend!

Can't wait to see your first entries!! I hope you've been enjoying doing them!

Lots of love,

Kimberley x


  1. It's lovely Kimberley! I can't wait to see it for reals. :)

    About sending, I think we should just start with sending as soon as we can. I know I have been working on my book the longest, but I feel kinda stuck so I need a bit more time. If you guys are ready to send on, you should.

    the sending order is:
    * Kimberley, UK
    * Eefje, Netherlands
    * Courtney, USA
    * Helen Chen, USA

    So Kimberley will send her book to me, I will send mine to Courtney and she will send hers to Helen who will send her book to Kimberley.
    Flickrmail each other for adresses (I've already sent mine to Kimberley).

    Are you all in agreement?

  2. sounds fine to me.. I need another day or so to work on mine and I will mail it out. You might want to message this to everyone b/c they might not have seen your message.

  3. I always get emails whenever someone leaves a comment (because I 'follow' the blog) And I put all of our emailadresses so that we all get emails when a new post in posted.
    I also think we should all regularly check in here. :)

    I'll message everyone that 'following' the blog comes in handy, but we can only do it ourselves.

  4. I've just started "following" so that's fine :)

    I'm sending mine to you tomorrow morning Eefje - sorry its not gone before now! Why does life always get in the way?

    Can't wait to see yours Helen!! x

  5. Yay! I can't wait to get my first 'moly-mail'!

    I've finaly finished the pencilwork for my entry, have started on the colour, won't be long now!